Our Story

Fluid, like an Element. That is our story.

After dabbling in Interiors and Decorating over the years in others (and our own homes), it was only natural we studied it, practiced it, and made it our pursuit.

Years later- either by chance or by fate- we were able to launch without a hitch, the now budding boutique design team of EDG. Simply elementary.

ELEMENTARY DESIGN GROUP is comprised of dedicated and talented 3D artists, carpenters, designers, engineers, foremen and masons, who pride themselves on the creativity they put forth right here, right now… and into the world.

el·∙e·∙ment /eləmənt/

1. a part or aspect of something abstract, especially one that is essential or characteristic.

Our Team

The people behind those jaw-dropping interior designs.

Erika Dizon

Managing Director

What Our Client Says